Gold Coast Holiday Dos and Don’ts Part One

The Gold Coast is Australia’s iconic holiday playground, but just like with any other destination, enjoying a great break here takes some planning. Here are our top “dos and don’ts” for your next trip to our Gold Coast holiday apartments.

Do Choose Off-Peak Times to Visit The Local Theme Parks

Most guests at our Surfers Paradise holiday rentals are keen to visit at least one of the region’s renowned world class theme parks. Although these attractions are an absolute must for thrill seekers, they do attract the crowds. Our tip for beat the queues? Choose a cooler, rainy day to for your theme park experience or plan your visit just before every school breaks up for the holidays if possible.

Don’t Feel Like You Need To Break Your Budget

One of the best things about the Gold Coast is all the great things there are to do which are absolutely free. A dip in the Pacific, watching the surfers do their thing, exploring a National Park or simply kicking back in a lush shady park during your stay at our Gold Coast holiday apartments.

Do Venture Away From The Coast

As gorgeous as the city’s beaches are, just a short drive back from the coast you’ll find something just as beautiful. Blessed with stretches of ancient rainforest, cascading waterfalls and natural swimming spots, the region’s national parks are a must visit during your stay at our Gold Coast holiday rentals.

Book your stay at one of our Gold Coast holiday apartments now and start planning your break today!